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Don't be penny wise and pound foolish!

Getting your business started is the easy part, getting your business successful and sustainable is where the hard work comes in. It does not help you have a company that delivers a fantastic product or service and nobody knows about it. You need to get your name out there... You need to let your customers find you... Statistics show that most start-up companies close within the first 5 years of business, and this is not due to a lack of determination.

If your business has been around long enough, you know by now that traditional advertising mediums are losing their effectiveness.

In today’s “mobile” economy, direct mail and newspaper ads only produce a 1-2% yield. People now turn to the Internet and search for local products & services using Google, Yahoo or Bing. (35%+ are doing this on their mobile phones). And did you know statistically speaking: The top 3 companies that show up in major search engine results get more than 50% of all the business!

With only 44% of small businesses having an online presence, this creates an opportunity for your business to increase its market share dramatically.

What you need to do

  • Do what your competitors are doing but do it better
  • Do what the smaller companies are not doing
  • Get an effective marketing plan in place and get noticed

most owners do not realize the effect of the correct marketing plan

I always remember an ad that was placed in the yellowpages (years ago) on the effect of advertising. It stated that a business owner didn't believe in the effect of advertising until one day that he eventually advertised... Business For Sale!

If you haven't got a website yet, GET ONE! From as little as R2500 can you get a fully functional static website within 10 days. 


Getting a website is only the FIRST STEP in the right direction. Not many companies will tell you this but having a website does'nt guarantee success. It just means you have a website!

Success comes in MARKETING YOUR WEBSITE! The way you do this is by a process we call SEO - Search Engine Optimization. You need this! This is not an optional extra. What SEO does is make it appear in Google's search results. Say you have a website about a doggy parlour. Obviously you will want that if a potential client search "doggy parlour centurion" your website will list on the first page of Google. This is what SEO does!




To succeed today as a new company in a competitive


  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Business Solutions
  • SEO Marketing
  • Web Hosting
  • Content Writing
  • Programming
  • Development

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